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Buyer's Guide to Commercial Rangehood

Posted by Amy Campbell on

People who enjoy cooking and those who spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen know that if they utilize top burners or cook tops on their ovens, there will be a lot of steam and heat when preparing a meal for themselves or their family.

This is why it is important that they have the perfect Range Hood over their units as it prevents grease, moisture, smoke and heat from spreading throughout their kitchen or home. 

Choosing the best range hood is a daunting task, and that is why this guide will be helpful for those who want a clean kitchen.

Things to look for when buying a rangehood

Types of rangehoods

The layout of your kitchen is important when considering the style and type of rangehood you plan to purchase on Shopubuy. If you want your rangehood to be mounted on the wall or in a kitchen island, then a canopy rangehood would be the best choice as it offers more suction power than other types while adding an industrial style to your kitchen. If you limited space available in an apartment, then you should choose a slide out rangehood as it remainhidden away when you are not cooking and creates more simplicity to your kitchen. If you want one with a large filter and have enough space available, then a fixed rangehood would be recommended for you. 

Types of ventilation

Depending on the layout of your kitchen this can affect how your rangehood vents the smoke and fumes that come from your kitchen. Ducted range hoods  are harder to install but are the most effective way to get rid of unwanted smoke and fumes within your kitchen as they send these odours to the vent outside your home. While the recirculating rangehoods gets rid of the fumes and smoke through the filter before the air returns back to the kitchen. This means that the recirculating rangehoods need to be cleaned and replaced regularly with replacements costing up to $100.


Before you purchase a rangehood, check the product dimensions to make certain that it will be wide enough for the area around your stovetop. It's not exactly a requirement that the rangehood match your stovetop in size, but its generally best so that your kitchen cabinetry is offered smoke and heat protection during your cooking time. You will find that rangehoods usually come in 600mm and 900mm sizes, corresponding to common standard and extra-wide oven and cooktop sizes. If you plan on purchasing a large rangehood, the size of each would be more important to consider. You'll only need to measure the space you have available under the counter for under cabinet vent hoods. While wall mount and island rangehoods are only limited in size by how much space is available.

Extraction Rate

Models with higher extraction rates will vent a larger amount of air, which makes them highly effective. If you do lots of cooking, especially with woks and frypans then you should go for an extraction rate of around 700m3/h. You should also consider the size of your kitchen, as open-plan kitchens ideally need higher extraction rates to prevent smoke and odours reaching other areas of the house.


You should select range hoods that have adequate lighting because they block the main light when they stand right in front of their cooking range. If you want shadow-free cooking, you should choose Halogen lights. While Incandescent is the cheapest type of bulb, they are less energy-efficient and produce more heat.Two globes also provide better illumination over a cooking area than one. Make sure that your rangehood globes are easy to access and replace and that the globes used are commonly available and not a proprietary product.


Make sure that the filters are dishwasher safe and can be easily removed from the rangehood as aluminium filters in particular need to be cleaned every few months for maximum efficiency and safety. If you plan on purchasing a recirculating rangehood that have additional carbon filters, then you would have to make atleast two replacements per year as they cannot be re-used. While some have long-life charcoal filters that don't need to be replaced as often.

Speed and Control

Make sure that your rangehood has multiple fan speeds, so that can use high speeds when you are actually cooking and lower ones when you are finishing up a meal. Make sure that your rangehood has push button or sliding controls so that is easy to access and operate. You should try to purchase a rangehood with a thermostat control to detect the temperature of your cooking and exhaust timer to switch off the rangehood after a certain period of time. 


You'll need to consider the fan speed, decibel rating and installation area if you are concerned about the noise level of your rangehood. Look for models with a sound proof motor and centrifugal fan if the loud noise really bothers you during your cooking time.

Buying a high quality Range Hood at Shopubuy is important because they help in managing culinary disasters and preventing potential health issues.

They take the heat out of fats and steam to prevent walls, ceilings and cupboards being covered in layers of grease and allow the person cooking to peer into pans and pots safely. 

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